Ear Wiggle Kitten

Video of the Day - Feeding kitten wiggles ears

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Cats Want Attention

Video of the Day - Cats Want Attention

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Cat Feeds Ducklings

Video of the Day - Cat and ducklings

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Dog plays with kitten

Video of the Day - Dog plays with kitten

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Hidden Kitten

Video of the Day - Hidden Kitten

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Colonel Meow

RIP Colonel Meow

We are so sad to hear of the passing of Guinness World Record holder Colonel Meow. His grumpy, dictatorial persona amused us all, as did his record-holding...more
Touchdown Kitten

Adorable Kittens take the field for the Kitten Bowl

February 2, 2014 will be a day that we all gather around our tv with some tasty food and watch one of the greatest sporting events on TV - The Kitten Bowl!...more
Super Bowl Cats

Safety Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

Like almost everyone else, we'll be tuning into the Super Bowl this Sunday (Snacks galore! Half-time show! Oh, and football!). However, certain foods and...more
Lazarus on Right This Minute

Star Cat Lazarus on "Right This Minute"

Our Star Cat co-winner Lazarus was featured on "Right This Minute!" Watch the great clip here: via Right This Minute more
Chatty Cat

Video of the Day - Chatting with birds



Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears