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6 Things That Are Offending Your Cat

Are you guilty of these feline faux pas? Read on to find out… more

5 ways to Stimulate Your Stay-at Home Cat

Try these cheap and easy feline boredom busters! more

Kitten Emojis!

Pop culture symbolism meets the stars of the Internet more

P.L.A.Y.'s Interactive Peek-a-Boo Mouse Cat Toy

Catch me if you can! Your cat will meow in delight as it tries to catch the P.L.A.Y.'s Peek-a-Boo Mouse Toy. The fuzzy mouse pops up, hides and even reverses...more
Pet Naturals Hairball Chews

Pet Naturals Hairball Chews

Hairballs are no fun for anyone! Help curb the unpleasantness with Pet Naturals Hairball Formula supplement which is designed to provide support for hairball...more
Banixx Wound Care

Banixx Wound Care

Accidents happen, especially if you have a curious cat! Banixx Wound Care is made in the USA, it’s essential for the treatment of wounds, ear infections,...more
Cat Play Key Role in Diffusing Suicide Standoff!

Cat Plays Key Role in Diffusing Suicide Standoff!

A suicidal man was talked out of taking his own life after a three-hour standoff, when authorities on the scene turned to a long-overlooked peacekeeping...more
Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Lovebirds

Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Lovebirds

We love these adorable and catnip filled Lovebirds from Kathy Ireland Loved Ones! Your cat will absolutely love playing with these fun, feathery little birds....more
Oskar and Klaus Adventure Society Mug

Oskar and Klaus Adventure Society Mug

Love Oskar and Klaus? Us too! These super sweet, inspiring kitties are just wonderful, and now you can enjoy them in your own home with things like this Oskar...more
Meowbox Monthly Subscription Box

Meowbox Monthly Subscription Box

Raise your paw if you love presents! Let meowbox select some delightful treats, toys, and food (and a box) that will thrill your kitty! Every month a box of...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears