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DIY Craft: Wonderful Cat Wand Toy

Making a wand toy is easier than you think! Here’s the how-to for this deceptively simple, super-cute, cat-approved toy! more

Peek-a-Boo Mouse Interactive Toy

We're big fans here at Modern Cat of P.L.A.Y. products, so when we found out they just launched an interative and electronic toy for cats we were thrilled! The...more

Cats love "hunting" the Eco Kitty Bird from Honest Pet Products

I was cat-sitting over the winter holidays and decided the fur babies needed presents. Honest Pet Products’ eco-friendly toys fit the bill perfectly. After my...more
Imperial Cat

Cat 'n Around Toys

Satisfy your cat’s instinctual desire to hunt with Imperial Cat’s Cat ‘n Around cat toys. Their wide range of toys offer everything from wand toys to...more
Petco Grinch Cat Toy

Petco's Grinch Cat Toys

It's that time of year again! Celebrate the holiday season with your favorite feline and Petco's line of Grinch cat toys! These toys will get your cat in the...more
Catnip Drumstick Cat Toy

Catnip Drumstick Cat Toy

Let Mittens in on the Thanksgiving fun with a super cute drumstick catnip toy from housecatclub. It's a super cute way to get your cat feeling thankful! -TC more
Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Lovebirds

Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Lovebirds

We love these adorable and catnip filled Lovebirds from Kathy Ireland Loved Ones! Your cat will absolutely love playing with these fun, feathery little birds....more
Roxi the Kitty Cat Plushie

Roxi the Kitty Cat Plushie

How cute is this Roxi the Kitty Cat Plushie from Poketti? The little pocket on the back also makes it perfect for carrying around your items, like a phone or...more


Give Mittens something good to wrestle. This large Sockitty from GoCat crinkles, jingles, and entices your cat to play for hours on end! Filled with organic...more
Electronic Roaming Mouse Toy

Roaming Runner Mouse Toy

Does your cat love to hunt? Get him this fun little skittering electronic mouse from Petlinks to chase. The erratic movement will delight your fiesty cat and...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears