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Cat Leggings

Cat Leggings

I am always looking for adorable ways to show off my cat love in my everyday life. These super cute cat leggings from BlackMilk hit the mark! So fun and...more
Kitten in Milk

The Best Cat GIFs!

I Got It! via Cat Gif Page MUST.DRINK.WATER. via Cat Gif Page Kitten vs. Milk. via Cheezburger Going for a walk with my best friend. via Cat Gif Page Tank...more
Cats and their favourite humans

Best Buds

Gryphon and Leo Little Kitty and Gieselle Mr. Biggles and Loryn Gatsby and Leah Willow Shakespeare and Jeanine Charlie and Sarah Rusty and Britnee...more
Kitty Kisses

Kitty Kisses

Spaz and Rick Andes and Jenna Barry White and Juli Holly and Nicki Mariska and Kacie Elephant and Lexie Benson and Dan Paul and Cath Wheeze and Joe...more
Hidden Kitten

Video of the Day - Hidden Kitten

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The Vertical Cat Stairs

The Vertical Cat Stairs

Give your cat some space! The Vertical Cat's stairs are a fantastic, and attractive way to give your cat some vertical playing and exploring space, especially...more
Sunbathing Timelapse

Video of the Day - Sunbathing Timelapse

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DIY Crochet Cocoon

DIY crochet cat bed

Get out your crochet hooks and get to work! You can make this super cute cat cocoon with this free pattern from Ravelry. While it is not for the novice crochet...more
Super Bowl Collars

NFL cat collars

Who is your cat rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday? Does he prefer the gltiz-and-glamour package of trustworthy Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos, or does he...more
Cat Art Show

Cat Art Show

We all know that cats have won the internet, but now they are taking on the art world! The Cat Art Show Los Angeles is a "a meditation and a celebration of the...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears