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Cat Massage Center

Cat Massage Center

The Cat Massage Center from Cat It is perfect for the cat who craves more scratches than you can dole out! This activity center has stimulating patches where...more
3-Sided Cat Scratcher

3-Sided Cat Scratcher

Give your cat all of the angles he wants to scratchon with PetFusion's 3-Sided Vertical Scratcher. More sides means more fun, and longer lasting! -TC more
Hello Friend

Video of the Day - Hello Friend?

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Cat ring

Cat ring

Simply sweet. These little cat rings from Etsy seller foxandthefawn are an adorable little accent of cat to any outfit! Lovely, handmade, and cats! They are...more
Gingham mice

Gingham mice

What cat doesn't want to play with a cute little mouse? These gingham mice are an adorable twist on a cat classic. I know one cat in particular who can't get...more
Woven cat pouch

Woven cat pouch

Keep yourself organized with this cute little woven cat pouch from Blim. Handmade, it is great for any little accessories or coins, and it's totally cute! -TC more
Licking Train

Video of the Day - Licking Train

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Vetericyn Feline Wound Care

My cats were adopted from the same litter, and have always been friends, but lately their playful fighting has resulted in a few bumps and scrapes. To make...more
Domino Cat

Video of the Day - Cat watches dominoes

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Lazy cat plays with tail

Video of the Day - Lazy cat plays with tail

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Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears