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Cat Pocket Tee

Cat Pocket Tee

I am totally crazy about this super cute cat pocket tee from Urban Outfitters. It's a simple concept that is all-too-adorable! -TC  more
Expert Bum Wiggle

Video of the Day - Expert Bum Wiggle

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How to Pet a Cat

BuzzFeed's How to Pet a Cat Chart

BuzzFeed has posted hilarious "how to" charts for petting popular animals. Full of handy advice as always, see all of them here. Obviously, the cat one is our...more
Cat lover leaves money to shelter

The Good News - Cat lover leaves money to shelter in will

We often get disheartened when we see stories of animal abuse or neglect, so we are taking action and celebrating The Good News in this new feature. Too often...more
Cat plays with toilet paper

Video of the Day - Cat unrolls and then rolls up toilet paper

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Cat ring holder

Cat ring holder

Keep your rings safe when you aren't wearing them with this super cute cat ring holder from Umbra. It's an adorable little way to add more cats to your life. -...more

Quick way to more cats on your computer

Not enough cats on the internet for you? We hear you. Finally, someone has stepped up to address this problem with a nifty desktop application that allows you...more
Lessons in cat gifs

9 Things My Cat Taught Me

9. Sunbeams deserve more attention than I currently give them 8. The anticipation of dinner often exceeds the experience of eating it 7. Having a short...more
Cat Attract Cat Litter

Cat Attract Cat Litter

If you have problems getting your cat to use the litter box (which is one of the top reasons cats get surrendered to the shelter) it can be a frustrating and...more
Cute cat necklace

Cute cat necklace

I love the look of this sweet double cat necklace from Amorium (and since I have 2 cats it is perfect for me). The sparkly, gold cats are a cute little accent...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears