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Tiger Teaser Bunny Toy

Tiger Teaser Bunny Toy

Tiger Teaser's Bunny toy is a simple cork wrapped in fur that will delight your cat for hours! The lightweight cork makes for a lot of action when your cat...more


Sadly, this awesome device isn't available until the Fall of 2014, but we are excited for it! The Kittyo allows you to interact with your cat when you are not...more
Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella

Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella

Stay dry in the rainy Spring with Top Shop's super cute Raining Cats and Dogs umbrella. Not only is it sweet, it's a chic little addition to your rainy...more
Sidekick Series

Sidekick Series

Check out this awesome web documentary series called The Sidekick Series that shares amazing animal adoption stories from the New York area. The stories of...more
Pacific Urn Pendant

Pet Urn Pendant

Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is so hard, but the most important thing to do is to keep their memory alive. Pacific Urns has a beautiful way to keep your...more
Peach Industries Cat Hammock

Cat Hammock

Give your cat a comfy place to hang out with Peach Industries' Kitty Lounger. Easy to assemble, pet safe, made in the USA, and the cover is machine washable -...more
Cat Ball

Cat Ball

The Cat Ball is an awesome pod where your cat can hide, play, and sleep. It is handmade after you order and comes in many different colours and patterns, so...more
Cats Want Attention

Video of the Day - Cats Want Attention

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Cat Feeds Ducklings

Video of the Day - Cat and ducklings

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Embroidered Cat Pocket

Amazing mom embroiders cats on her son's shirts

Embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota was making clothes for her son when he requested that some of his shirts have cats on them. The results are incredible. Hiroko...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears