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Thanksgiving Cats

Thanksgiving Cats

Dobby is thankful for Dobby-sized boxes Porter is thankful for the power of the written word Fenway is thankful for new friendships that will surely last a...more
National Cat Day

Happy National Cat Day!

Lyle is enjoying his favourite box. Daisy is partaking in all the treats! Andes is painting her nails and having a glass of her favourite wine. Mozart is...more
Life Before and After a Cat

Life Before and After a Cat

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Cats who Fetch

Cats who Fetch!

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World Cup Cats

World Cup Cats!

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Independent cats

9 Ways Cats Celebrate the 4th of July

1. By shouting it from the rooftops   2. By being true individuals   3. By serving the public   4.By doing their own thing   5. ...more
Cat Dads

35 of the Cutest Cat Dads

Huey and Matthew Princess and Steve Ben and Jasmine Spaz and Rick Joe Jr. and Joe Sr. Houdini and Harley Wheeze and Joe Molly and Leonard Auggie and...more
Cat Memes

More Modern Cat Memes

Ask Lyle - How often should I have my claws clipped?

Ask Lyle - How often should I have my claws clipped?

Hi Lyle! My name is Luna. My humans think I'm 6ish years old. I was part of a cat colony and was really hungry and went into the carrier with food and the...more
Metal Cats

Metal Cats

Men and their cats are definitely amazing. When it is men who, from the outside, look like mean, scary guys, whose hearts are as gushy as mine when it comes to...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears