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Ask Lyle - I Don't Feel So Good

Ask Lyle - I Don't Feel So Good

Hi Lyle, For some reason, I don’t feel so good. My humans left for the day and I was doing my normal activities: ensuring there were no intruders on the...more
Cards from Cats

Cards from Cats

Cards from Cats is a super fun website that allows you to immortalize your cats on an e-card! A membership is just $10 a year, and you get access to...more
Ask Lyle - Frightened Feral Seeks Freedom

Ask Lyle - Frightened Feral Seeks Freedom

Dear Lyle, I was recently brought inside by a human. I was previously living under a deck, catching my own food and while it was scary sometimes, I had things...more
Funny sleeping cats

Video of the Day - Funny sleeping cats

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Super Bowl Cats

Safety Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

Like almost everyone else, we'll be tuning into the Super Bowl this Sunday (Snacks galore! Half-time show! Oh, and football!). However, certain foods and...more
Cat in Teacup

KitTea to offer a calming atmosphere and cats!

The Japanese phenomenon is coming to North America! KitTea, a cat cafe, will be opening Summer 2014, if all goes according to plan. This is definitely an...more
Cat and Mouse

Tips for Particularly Chewy Cats

When cats start chewing on non-food items in the house it can be annoyingly destructive, but also dangerous for the cat.  In my experience cats go straight for...more
Handmade Stoneware Cat Dish

Handmade Stoneware Cat Dish

Finding cat food dishes that do not bother a cat's whiskers isn't as easy as you would think. These Handmade Stoneware Cat Dishes from Clay Lick Creek Pottery...more

Important Tips from Penn Vet to Keep Pets Safe in Cold Weather

The cold weather is here and extra care needs to be taken to keep companion animals comfortable and healthy throughout the winter season. Dr. Kenneth Drobatz...more
Sleeping Lincoln

Cat Nap Facts

We all know that cats love sleep. Here are five fun facts that help to explain their sleep cycles and habits! When cats doze their bodies are rigid,...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears