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Phoenix passes ordinance that bans kitten mills

The city of Phoenix has passed an ordinance that bans the sale of animals from puppy and kitten mills. All pet stores will only be allowed to sell animals that...more
Scratch Lounge

Scratch Lounge

Give your cat a place to play, sleep and scratch. The Original Scratch Lounge will be a hit with any cat! The three sided design satisfies your cat's desire to...more
Fleas Navidad card

Fleas Navidad card

I love a good Christmas card and a good pun. This adorable "Fleas Navidad" card from Etsy seller ArchiGRAPH covers all of these bases. It's an adorable way to...more
Kitten's First Snow Ornament

Kitten's First Snow Ornament

Trim your tree with this beautiful Christmas ornament from Etsy seller GlakLove. The sparkle, snow and cats are just what you need to get in the holiday spirit...more
Exercise with your cats

Video of the Day - How to exercise with your cats

Get in shape with the help of your cats! more
Cats in Boxes

Video of the Day - Cats in Boxes!

Ikea Cats

100 Cats Released into an Ikea Overnight

An Ikea in England decided to release 100 cats in their store overnight to "see what happens." The results are adorable. While there were a couple of problems...more

Internet Cat Video Film Festival Takes Off!

Cat lovers rejoice! The increasing cat love that comes pouring out of the internet now has a very successful festival. The Internet Cat Video Film Festival...more
Elderly Ephram

Ask Lyle - I've Lost My Youth

Dear Lyle, I write to you today in something of a down mood. My name is Ephram, and I recently turned 14 years old. I've never really thought much about my age...more
Dashing Gentlemen Cat T-shirt

Dashing Gentlemen Cat T-shirt

I can't put my finger on why I find this Dashing Gentelmen Cat T-shirt so delightful, but I do. Well-dressed, sophisticate cats are just something the world...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears