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Cat Ear Ring

If you want to add a sweet little touch of cat to your life, check out the Choupette Kitten Ring from Foe and Dear. This adorable cat ear ring is a subtle to...more

PetStages Dental Chews are fun and encourage dental health!

Dental health is very important for all cats and is unfortunately often overlooked and hard to properly manage. Luckily, PetStages has created a line of dental...more

Cat Face Watch

This adorable cat watch is a lovely accessory for any cat lover. Featuring a gold cat-shaped rim and an adorable cat face in the watch, you will always be on...more

Adorable Halloween Cat Collar

Keep your furry friend safe this Halloween and get her this adorable Halloween-themed cat collar from Etsy seller Pugs2Persians. Especially on Halloween, we...more
17 Spooky Halloween Cat Silhouettes

17 Spooky Halloween Cat Silhouettes

The cat's aloof temperment and often-strange behaviour has contributed to their mythology for thousands of years. The black cat's particular association with...more
The Magical Healing Power of Cat Purrs

The Magical Healing Power of Cat Purrs

Did you know that a cat's purring has actual, magical healing powers? It does! This beautiful infographic from Gemma Busquets gives a good overview of all the...more
Dancing Spider Toy

Dancing Spider Cat Toy

A great wand toy is always appreciated in a cat-loving home. We particularly like this cute Dancing Spider Toy from Tux and Tabby. Interactive play is one...more
Ask Lyle - Sometimes I Puke

Ask Lyle - Embarrassing Bodily Functions

Hi Lyle, I have a bit of an embarrassing question, but I think I just have to ask, so here it goes. I'm a fairly sensitive cat and I find things very scary...more
Adopt a Cat Tuxedo T-shirt

Adopt a Cat Tuxedo T-shirt

This Tuxedo Cat Shirt is really adorable. The cherry on top? The shirt is for sale by an organization called Jusani, who are committed to saving the lives of...more

Cat Fridge Magnet Set

Add a little catittude to your kitchen with this adorable cat magnet set from Etsy seller JuliaWine. The set comes with three cat face magnets and one cat-...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears