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Critter Crafting Cat Mats: Making Cats Cozy One Mat at a Time

Have you ever noticed how cats tend to hang out on things? If there’s a bag on the floor, a book on a desk, or a keyboard by a computer, chances are, your cat...more

DIY Craft: Wonderful Cat Wand Toy

Making a wand toy is easier than you think! Here’s the how-to for this deceptively simple, super-cute, cat-approved toy! more
Paw Print Ornaments

DIY Paw Print Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking for a way to include your cat in on holiday decorating? These adorable paw print ornaments from Cornflower Blue Studio are a super easy DIY Christmas...more
DIY Cat Ears

DIY Cat Ear Headband

If you are looking for a simple way to make a understated Halloween impression (you know, more understated than THIS), this DIY Cat Ear Headband is a great way...more
Jar Labels thumbnail

DIY Craft - Custom Jar Labels

Click here to download template! Homemade treats in a Mason jar adorned with a personalized label make a quick, thoughtful, and easy gift idea. Or label jars...more
Menswear Mouse Toy

DIY Craft - Menswear Mouse Toy

Our favourite cat-loving domestic maven, Martha Stewart, shares the how-to for these tweedy playthings. There’s no mistaking these critters for the real thing—...more
Felted Cat Toy

DIY Craft - Felted Cat Toy

Make it! A crafty cat project that uses recycled material? Now that’s the cat’s meow. Make these cute cat toys with this easy method of felting. With a Wiffle...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears