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Critter Crafting Cat Mats: Making Cats Cozy One Mat at a Time

Have you ever noticed how cats tend to hang out on things? If there’s a bag on the floor, a book on a desk, or a keyboard by a computer, chances are, your cat...more
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Crocheted Cat Blankets

The awesome and supremely talented Christine Csencsitz crochets blankets for animal shelters! Over time she realized just how much she loves the craft and her...more
Handmade Heart Toys

Handmade Heart Toys

I love to get my cats cute little holiday themed presents, and on Valentine's Day I like to show my love with heart shaped toys! They are just so cute and...more
Crochet Halloween Catnip Toys

Crochet Halloween Catnip Toys

I can't get over how cute these handmade crochet jack-o'-lantern and witch hat catnip toys are from CherryWillow! Such a cute way to add some Halloween to your...more
DIY Crochet Cocoon

DIY crochet cat bed

Get out your crochet hooks and get to work! You can make this super cute cat cocoon with this free pattern from Ravelry. While it is not for the novice crochet...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears