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Wally Whale loofah toy

Wally Whale loofah toy

This super adorable whale loofah toy - Wally Whale - is made from renewable loofah plant fibers and food safe dye, so is great for your cat to play with and...more
Chill Cat

Video of the Day - Chill cat dozes in chair

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Hello Friend

Video of the Day - Hello Friend?

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Keep Calm and Pet a Cat Shirt

Keep Calm and Pet a Cat shirt

We absolutely love this "Keep Calm and Pet a Cat" shirt from RC Tees with a fantastic, and very true, mantra. Nothing is more soothing than petting a cat, and...more
Black-footed cat kittens

Video of the Day - Black-footed cat kittens at the Philadelphia Zoo

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Cat collar

Triangle pattern collar

This super adorable tringle pattern cat collar from Made by Cleo is the purrfect accessory for the hip and stylish cat in your life. Available with or without...more
Nosy pouch

Nosy pouch

Cat noses are undeniably cute and this little pouch from Fuzzynation is no exception. What makes it even better you can select the photo shown, or write in...more
Petal Cat Cave

Petal Cat Cave

Give your cat a handmade home. These beautiful hand crafted felted wool flower beds from elevele are lovely additions to any cat's home. They are washable,...more
Dear Kitten

Video of the Day - Dear Kitten

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Gingham mice

Gingham mice

What cat doesn't want to play with a cute little mouse? These gingham mice are an adorable twist on a cat classic. I know one cat in particular who can't get...more


Cat of the Week!

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