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Lazy cat plays with tail

Video of the Day - Lazy cat plays with tail

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Cat print tee

Cat print tee

A cute cat tee can be hard to find, but this little cat print top from Forever 21 is the perfect little fashionable piece to add to your cat-based wardrobe. -...more
Expert Bum Wiggle

Video of the Day - Expert Bum Wiggle

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Black and White Cat Print

This stylish cat print from animalsincolor is a super cool way to add more cat love to your home. Little is more comforting than a sleepy cat, and this piece...more
Cat Mom mug

Cat Mom mug

Being a cat mom is an important job. This cute "Cat Mom" mug from Our Name is Mug is a great way to tell the world that you love your feline kids. -TC more
Cat Memes

More Modern Cat Memes


ScrappyRAT reclaimed toy

Go! Pet Design's ScrappyRAT is adorable, eco-friendly, and catnip filled - a killer combo! This super cute rat is made from reclaimed textiles and organic...more
I Knead You shirt

I Knead You shirt

There is nothing like the love of a cat. There also is nothing like a cat just going to town kneading on your stomach, it's both sweet and uncomfortable. This...more
Cat necklace

Hand drawn cat necklace

This one-of-a-kind cat necklace from Etsy seller ilikeCATSshop is right up my alley! The tubby, hand drawn cat is the perfect little cat accessory that I love...more
Swiffer Kitten

Video of the Day - Kitten plays with Swiffer

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Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears