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6 Things That Are Offending Your Cat

Are you guilty of these feline faux pas? Read on to find out… more

Know Your Cats

Brush up on some little-known cat-facts more

5 ways to Stimulate Your Stay-at Home Cat

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How often should I brush my cat

Proper Pet Hygiene

Like humans, pets can experience skin conditions that may cause redness, itchiness, odor, and even wounds. Fortunately, many skin conditions can be prevented with routine bathing and grooming. more
Kitty Power Paws

Kitty Power Paws Sphere Scratching Post

Kitty Power Paws Sphere Scratching Post is a versatile scratching post that will help your cat get the exercise it need while simultaneously keep their nails...more
Copy Cat Kitten

Copy Cat Kitten

via Ari K more
Love Glove

Love Glove

Especially in the hot summer days shedding can be a problem. Your furry friend is hot, and his hair is everywhere! Help contain the mess with the Love Glove, a...more


The FURminator is a classic for a reason. This is the most effective de-shedding tool I have ever seen or used. Especially with nicer weather around the corner...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears