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Shredded Tuna Cat Food Topper

Shredded Tuna Cat Food Topper

Add some taste and nutrition to your cat's wet food, or just give them a pinch as a snack with this Shredded Tuna Cat Food Topper. It is simply tuna loin,...more


Indoor cats need exercise, and it can sometimes be hard to get the right amount of physical activity, but luckily there are awesome things like the CatWheel...more
Salmon Pate

Merrick wet cat food

With a world of cat food options it can be daunting to even find a place to start. Luckily, Merrick's Purrfect Bistro makes it easy to pick with their high...more

Heartwise natural supplement

Heart health is important for our cats, and Vetisse's Heartwise natural supplement is great for promoting and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. -TC more

Modern Cat staffer cats go to the vet!

It is no one's favourite time, but it is very important to take your cats to the vet annually. This past weekend all 4 Modern Cat staff cats had their regular...more

Vivamune Health Chews

A healthy cat is a happy cat, and one who gets treats is even happier! Vivamune treats are a wellness supplement for your cat that promotes a healthy immune...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears