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5 ways to Stimulate Your Stay-at Home Cat

Try these cheap and easy feline boredom busters! more
Pet Tree House

Pet Tree House

Give your indoor cat a little taste of outside, while keeping him safe! Pet Tree Houses are fun cat trees that have real leaves. Your cat will feel like he's...more
Window Perch

Window Perch

Give your cat the best spot in the house! This window perch from Etsy seller JennyGV is a great way to show your cat the great outdoors from the safety of...more
Kittywalk Teepee

Teepee Kittywalk

If you want a nice safe space for your cat to enjoy the outdoors, try the Kittywalk Teepee. This cute enclosure gives your cat a fun, safe space while he...more

Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears