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Kittens on Demand

Uber and the ASPCA are Bringing You Kittens on National Cat Day

Cheezburger, Uber and the ASPCA are bringing kittens to you on National Cat Day! If you live in Seattle, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C.,...more
Cute Kitten Steals Toilet Paper

Cute Kitten Steals Toilet Paper

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Kitten Pounces on Camera

Kitten Pounces on Camera

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Kitten Watching a Movie

Kitten Watching a Movie

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The All-Important Play Sequence

The All-Important Play Sequence

Your cat won’t play? Think you’ve tried everything? Maybe you’re doing it wrong! more
Hugs and Cuddles

So Many Cat Hugs

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Kitten vs. Apples

Video of the Day - Kitten vs. Apples

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Kitten rescued from storm drain

The Good News - Firefighters rescue kitten in storm drain

We often get disheartened when we see stories of animal abuse or neglect, so we are taking action and celebrating The Good News in this new feature. Too often...more
Sleepy Kitten

Video of the Day - Kitten falling asleep while playing

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Foot fight

Video of the Day - Foot fight!

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Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears