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The Basement Litter Box Area and Other Human Mistakes

By Mieshelle Nagelschneider, Cat Behaviorist at The Cat Behavior Clinic and author of, The Cat Whisperer - Why Cats Do What They Do and How to Get Them to Do...more

An Interview With Venus, The Two Face Cat!

Brought to you by Litter Genie  Venus The Two Faced Cat - @venustwofacecat 1. Venus, our readers would love to know your story and background? I was born as a...more
Cats Incredible Litter

Cats Incredible Litter by Lucy Pet Products

Modern Cat Magazine Editor-in-Chief calls Lucy Pet Products' Cats Incredible Litter a "game changer"! The earth-friendly clay litter, which never uses harmful borates, prevents hazardous ammonia from forming in the box. more

Eliminate Litter Box Issues with Luuup

This article is brought to you in parternship with Luuup  One of the most common problems that a cat owner can face is also one of the most frustrating­—and...more
Smiling Cat

Breaking the Cat Code

Better Understand Your Feline Friend more

Litter Love

We tested it out! more
Cats Incredible Litter

Cats Incredible Litter

Minimal dusting, easy to pour and quick clumping - you are going to love everything about Cats Incredible Litter! Even better than that, this is the only...more
next gen

Next Gen Pet Economical Litter

Thought natural clumping cat litters were always expensive? Think again! Next Gen Pet offers a range of litters that are not just economical (with a litter for...more
ökocat Wood Litter

ökocat Wood Litter

ökocat clumping cat litter is made from reclaimed wood from fallen timber and unused lumber, it is extremely absorbant, naturally anti-baterical and has superb...more
Simple Solution litter

Simple Solution litter

Reduce your litterbox work with Simple Solution's 30-Day Super Absorbent Litter. This hardworking litter is absorbent and rather than clumping, it absorbs...more


Cat of the Week!

Meet: Mr No Ears