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Having Awesome Cat Furniture is Not Enough…

Cats can now be found in about 35% of all households in the US, with 2 cats on average in those homes.  For the many indoor-only cats, they typically lead a...more
Cats Need Entertainment

Every Cat Needs Some Entertainment

Cats are curious creatures that love to run, climb, hunt and play. Providing entertainment and activities for your cat keeps them healthier and helps reduce...more

6 Things That Are Offending Your Cat

Are you guilty of these feline faux pas? Read on to find out… more

Peek-a-Boo Mouse Interactive Toy

We're big fans here at Modern Cat of P.L.A.Y. products, so when we found out they just launched an interative and electronic toy for cats we were thrilled! The...more

P.L.A.Y.'s Interactive Peek-a-Boo Mouse Cat Toy

Catch me if you can! Your cat will meow in delight as it tries to catch the P.L.A.Y.'s Peek-a-Boo Mouse Toy. The fuzzy mouse pops up, hides and even reverses...more
Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Lovebirds

Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Lovebirds

We love these adorable and catnip filled Lovebirds from Kathy Ireland Loved Ones! Your cat will absolutely love playing with these fun, feathery little birds....more
Electronic Roaming Mouse Toy

Roaming Runner Mouse Toy

Does your cat love to hunt? Get him this fun little skittering electronic mouse from Petlinks to chase. The erratic movement will delight your fiesty cat and...more
Bat the Birdie Corknip Toy

Bat the Birdie Corknip Toy

If your cat loves catnip but you aren't crazy for the mess, corknip just be the solution you are looking for! This compressed catnip and cork toy from OurPets...more
Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Stretch and Chase Mouse

Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Stretch and Chase Mouse

If you have an active cat who likes to chase and hunt then the Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Stretch and Chase mouse toy is perfect for you and your furry best...more
Kitty Kush Catnip

Kitty Kush Catnip

There's a new way to give some catnip to your cat. This handy little catnip grinder from Kitty Kush contains premium catnip that your cat will surely love, and...more


Cat of the Week!

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